We are a M&A practice working with owners of dynamic information & technology businesses to maximise their sale value

9 Success Drivers in Information & Technology

Our (not so) secret formula

Maximum Asset Value + Alignment with Buyer Motivation = Successful Information & Technology Sale

8 Asset Optimisation

Our Value Discovery process involves us working alongside collaborative partners with industry expertise to strengthen the value of each of your asset.

Buyer Motivation

After we have optimised your assets and help you increase your business value we align your business with buyers motivations to maximise your sale value.

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“Mark is one of the finest financial thinkers I have had the pleasure to work with. This was from his honest critique of our business plans through to his determined approach to “get the numbers right” as we were valuing our company through to his always generous advice and help”

– George Germanos

Our Thoughts

Strategic Transactions has had the privilege of working with some of Australia’s leading businesses – to help increase their business value, get them sale or acquisition ready and obtain the maximum sale value.

M&A Review 2017

Information & Technology Industry Futures

“Wave of disruption that threatens the relevance of your existing value proposition”

Our Expertise

Everything we do is geared towards maximising your business value.
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Market Intelligence

We understand transactions & trends and apply these for your business advantage.

Motive Alignment

We are united in pursuing a high value sale rather than a quick sale.

Buyers Perspective

We will position and present your business focused on buyer motivations.

Idea Network

Access to industry experts who will strengthen your business assets.

Valuation Expertise

You will understand the real market value of your business and how to increase it.

Growth Planning

We will actively track and enhance your strategic and financial performance.

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